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2016 Honda Forza NSS300g



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Stock #3483
ModelForza NSS300g
MPG0.0 City / 0.0 Hwy


NSS300G FORZA in RED / BLACK Honda put together the Forza to bridge the gap between its small-displacement scoots, such as the PCX 150 and and the much larger 600 Silver Wing. It brings a modern, 300-ish cc powerplant and sleek modern design together for the scooter-commuter folks looking for something other than the typical 60s vintage retro rides. The factory built in a number of safety- and comfort-related features meant to endear it to the more progressive sector of the scooter market, and it all comes together in a rather sporty-looking package that seems to borrow heavily from the sport/streetbike division. We all have someplace to go, and we all need a way to get there. And until you can order up your own private self-flying hovercraft, the most fun, most practical, most economical way to get around is on a Scooter and one of the best is the Honda Forza. Forget what you think you know about scooters—the Forza is going to expand your perception with all the fun and up to 70 MPG. First, the nuts-and-bolts side of things: with its single-cylinder four-stroke Honda engine, the Forza has the power to carry you and a passenger on the road with ease. Plus, because it’s a Honda, you know it’s going to run and run with minimum maintenance. Next, there’s the Forza’s super-handy integral storage compartment under the seat—it’s big enough for two helmets. And for all your electronic accessories, there’s even a power outlet so you can charge up and stay connected on the go. RIDER COMFORT: That long, plush seat does more than just look comfortable—it’s probably nicer than that sofa in your living room. The stepped passenger section gives your copilot a better view. Besides great style, Forza’s bodywork is all about function to help protect you from the wind and the elements. V-MATIC TRANSMISSION: With the Honda V-Matic automatic transmission, riding couldn’t be easier. Just start the engine, twist the gas, and go. The V-Matic means no shifting, ever—so you concentrate on the road ahead and simply enjoy the ride! The V-Matic is a continuously variable design, so all you’ll feel is a smooth transition of power. LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY ENGINE PLACEMENT: Mounting the engine low keeps the Forza’s center of gravity low as well. That helps with the Forza’s nimble and capable handling. Just like real men can wear pink, Real riders know how much fun scooters are. Heck Bud owns three scooters in his variety of two wheel machines. But then there’s the Forza’s fun side too. It’s about a billion times better than any bus ride, and it’s the perfect choice for commuting around-town, errand running, or just getting out and having fun. And did we mention its awesome fuel economy? Budz offers financing options from Good Credit to Challenging Credit. Please fill out the correct Application that applies to your credit on our web site as it will only delay getting you ridding. Visit us at budzchromenutz.com for all of our High Quality, Low Price, Big Selection Bikes. -Budz offers service on most makes and models


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